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Milton's Magistrate

Milton's Magistrate b.jpg

Mr. John Thornton is far more than just a
simple mill master of Marlborough Mills.

His role as Magistrate is sorely tested when he learns that the brother of the woman he loves is a fugitive, running from charges of

A man of extreme integrity, John must 
decide how he can have Margaret in his
life, while still upholding the law.

Coming November 2023!

Milton's Mill Master

Milton's Mill Master.jpg
Having barely kept Marlborough Mills afloat after a disastrous strike, John Thornton leads a group of fellow mill men to London in search of investors. His mentor, Mr. Adam Bell, not only brings forth men with money, but also introduces his lovely goddaughter, Margaret Hale. 
Thrown together by chance or Mr. Bell’s cunning, Margaret and John develop a deep attraction to each other during his London trip.
Margaret’s arrival in the north is not without pitfalls: John’s indomitable mother has already hand-picked another woman to be John’s wife; an impending, violent strike at Marlborough Mills threatens her safety, and Margaret sees poverty unlike she could ever imagine. Despite what Margaret’s heart feels, her head tells her that Milton may not be the place for her. How will she ever fit in?


Master of Her Heart 

Master of her heart
Modern day Margaret Bryce is in a jam. Her graduate dissertation is due in mere weeks, and despite the enormous help her adviser, J. Whitman Bell has provided, there's something missing from her paper. Dr. Bell decides the best option is for her to travel back in time to a Victorian mill town, so she can better understand the struggles--both economic and personal--people of that era faced. She agrees to his insane scheme, knowing it's only a joke, a way for her to dig deeper within herself to find the answers. Only, when she wakes up in Milton, and finds the year to be 1851, she knows she's in trouble.
When Margaret and John meet, sparks fly, as a woman with 2015 sensibilities collides with a man of 1851 proprieties. Will Margaret agree to give up her life in 2015, all her independence, and settle for a life in dirty, smoky Milton? Will John learn to bend to Margaret's odd ways and believe she's really from the future? Can they overcome the obstacles of instability in Milton, jealousy and the death of beloved friends?
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